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Silver Screenings

Safer Birth in Bama owns the screening rights to several educational films related to increasing access to evidence based care and integrating care providers from Certified and Licensed Midwives to Physicians.

Titles Include:

The Mama Sherpas

Miss Margaret

Why Not Home?


Rural Access to Care Grant Initiatives

Shoals Doula Grant :


Hannah Ellis Grant for Midwifery:


Birth Center Grant:



Baobab Birth Collective Partnership

We have partnered with the wonderful ladies at Baobab birth collective to increase and reflect diversity among our organization as well as to help increase access to Doulas and Birth workers of color through grants that will allow them to offer scholarships to specifically address the disparities in healthcare that relate to a lack of support and equity in care for women of color. 


Shoals Doula Grant

Shoals Doula Group 's Katie Terry of Florence Alabama approached us with a request for a grant of $1800 to provide doula trainings for women of color.  The Shoals Doula Group reports that there are no Doula's of color currently serving women in the Shoals area. We appreciate the Shoals Doula Group and their commitment to increasing diversity among birth professionals in their area.